The Sprawling A Ranch Series is on Sale!

You are not mistaken. In preparation for the release of Eight Seconds to Forever, the first four books in the Sprawling A Ranch Series are for sale! So for those of you who have not been to the ranch, here’s your chance to scoop them up for a steal. 

Originally, The Cowboy Way was meant to be a stand-alone novel. Then Mark demanded his own book, and the rest of the guys were right behind him wanting one too. You know there was no way I could resist.

The Sprawling A books make me laugh. Although they live in a small town, the characters have big wants, big dreams, and big desires. They also love ferociously and consider their friends as family. Some of the more outragous events are based on real life stories, and I’ve dropped a few of my own family jokes in as well. As you may notice, these books bring me immense joy.


The series begins with Trey and Greta in The Cowboy Way.




 Then came Mark and Gabriella in The Marlboro Man.




Let’s not forget the scandal that erupted when Ben and Colby fell in love with Faith in the award winning To Have Faith.



Nic won Adam’s heart by being her badass self in Sweetest Kisses. 


*Did you notice the universal book links? One link will direct you to your choice of digital vendors. Sweet, huh?

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