Captain America: Civil War- Go See It!

Captain America: Civil War. No spoilers here. I promise. I would not ruin it for you. Let me just get down to it and tell you what I thought of the movie.

This movie
has everything: Action, comedy, a teeny spot of romance. And angst, oh there is a lot
of angst. But it’s all good. And I’m not just saying that because I am Team Captain. However, I’ll give you a moment to enjoy the awesomeness that is Chris Evans. He’s just so darn cute. Those eyes. That voice. Those shoulders. Those biceps! sigh….I’ll give you little longer…seriously, I think they deserve their own movie.
Anyway, where was I?  

Having read most of the Civil War cannon, I was
interested in seeing how they would weave those storylines into the current Marvel
Cinema Universe. In my opinion, I think they did an excellent job. The plot made sense,
even more so than in the comics, motivations were understandable. Gold stars! This was the Avengers movie we should have had last year.

Yeah, while we’re on that topic. Let’s be real. Is
this truly a Captain America movie? No. Not really. Is this just another
Avengers movie? Kind of. I can definitely see why people would think that.

this movie truly is is Civil War. Numerous story lines crossing over to
create one creative entity. That was the beauty of the graphic novels, and here those elements are delivered in spades.  When the two sides collide it is both epic and
horrifying. These are characters you love, and they’re going at each other. Drawing blood!
Going for the kill. I believe this is the darkest of the Marvel movies. Some of the subject matter is dark and gruesome, and I would not take a young child to see this movie. Some parts left me disturbed. But
those nods to the fans throughout the film were worth sitting through more of the difficult times.

Now for my only complaint. The cinematography. What the
hell? Someone with a lot of talent choreographed some brilliant fight scenes.
And some equally talented people executed them to perfection. Only I could not enjoy them
because the camera was all herky-jerky and giving me motion sickness. Why is there this disturbing trend in action movies? I don’t need shaky camera angles to make me feel as if I was there in the middle of the action. All you are doing is disrupting my enjoyment of a good
fight and making me ill. There is one scene where Captain America, Bucky, and Iron
Man are going at it the camera stays still. Watching the fluidity of their
movements was awesome, even though I wanted to shout at the screen for them stop
trying to kill each other. Stop shaking the
camera, and have a good fight scene stand on its own.

As for the newest additions to the MCU- Black Panther and Spider-Man. Both were fantastic. I took Squid with me to the movie and she loved Peter Parker. I mean lllooovvveeeed him. When I told her he was to have his own movie, she squealed. Ah…her first superhero crush. I’m so proud.

Okay, boys and girls. It’s late, so I’m going to wrap this
up, and leave you to go and enjoy this movie on your own. Perhaps you’ll see me at another showing this weekend. Hell, who am I kidding? I already have tickets for Saturday. 🙂

Batman v. Superman- You knew this was coming

I know. You’ve all been waiting to hear what I thought about Batman v Superman. I’m certain you haven’t been able to think of anything else until you’ve heard my opinion. 🙂

batmanvsuperman-xlargeSo what did I think of the movie? I liked it. Most of it, anyway. But like Man of Steele, the director once again veered off course too many times to make me go, “Yes! This is the best.”

BvS takes place almost two years after Man of Steele and the aborted world domination plan of General Zod. During that battle, Bruce Wayne was enroute to his company offices in Metropolis yet arrived too late to save most of his employees. Hence the seeds of his dislike of Superman are sowed.

The overall arc of the movie centers around Superman, who is struggling with maintaining his dual identity, being held unofficially on trial by the world. A man with god-like powers who answers to no one. How do you hold accountable someone with such power? A very good question in deed. So good in fact, that that is the basic premise of Marvel’s Civil War series which will soon be on the screen with Captain America- Civil War out next month. It is Bruce Wayne who believes he is the only person who can put Superman in his place.

At least I think that is his reasoning. Bruce’s motivation wasn’t made exactly clear, and that theory makes the most sense to me.

And thus, one of the many issues I had with BvS. Lack of motivation. Clark’s you understand from the get go. Bruce not so much. And Lex? Haven’t a clue.

Second issue- The filmmakers didn’t stick to one storyline. Of course not. That seems to be a trend with every DC movie. They threw in Wonder Woman. Why? Was the fight scene with her, Batman, and Superman epic? Yes. It was totally awesome!! But her presence was completely unnecessary. The Justice League could have been foreshadowed so less obtrusively. Lex Luther, again, not exactly sure what his purpose was except to be an opponent Superman and Batman could join forces to fight. Again, could have been executed much better.

And what the hell was Lois doing at the dock during the epic battle? She had absolutely no reason to be there. None. At all. And I’m not just saying that because I’m not a Lois fan. She truly had no purpose.

My companion for the evening was the Romi to my Michelle, Danielle Monsch. At one point she commented, “Why is it so dreary? Isn’t there any happiness?” The funny thing that struck me about that statement was as a Gotham fan, BvS is a bright sunny day in comparison. Not sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing, but it is sad that bleak is the best anyone in the DC world can hope for.

So what did I like about the movie? Henry was dreamy. In my opinion, a fantastic representative of the ‘S.’ Love him. Love him! Ben was a decent Batman. Bitter, slightly jaded, a little self-righteous. A middle aged Bruce Wayne. Spot on. Didn’t understand how at his age, the exploits of Batman are still a mystery, and how people didn’t recognize Bruce Wayne while on the street. Seriously, if I’m a reporter at a party and Paul Allen or Bills Gates walked into a room. I’d recognize them.

I also liked how the massive destruction was scaled back from Man of Steel. It was still excessive, but the number of causalities was considerably less. When the fists started to finally fly, Danielle was concerned when I started giggling and clapping with excitement. I’d give the fighting an overall grade of B+.

When the story stayed in its lane, BvS was great. Unfortunately, the director swerved into oncoming traffic too many times to bring this movie victoriously over the finish line. And don’t get me started on the ending. Seriously?

Final thought- Go see it and form your own opinion. Definitely worth a matinee showing.

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