Agent Carter- We need a season three!


This week Agent Carter ended its second season. I know, I’m
sad, too.
  And now there’s talk that it
might not return for a season three.
Agent Carter brings something to the television audience
that is lacking across the T.V. landscape, and that is strong female characters in lead roles.
As the main character, you’d expect Peggy Carter to be a
world class badass, and Hayley Atwell delivers in spades. The Steve Rogers vibe is strong in her as she endeavors to solve the case with integrity and fairness. Everywhere she goes, there is usually a man telling her no, but she keeps moving forward with grace and unapologetic intelligence. And the hat. Let’s not forget that red hat.
When Peggy needed back up after her pigheaded male superiors kicked her off the case, it was Rose, the secretary who came to her aid. And did a damn fine job of it, too. Girl power!
But what I find most intriguing about the show is that it’s
also the woman who are the supreme villains. From Dottie Underwood to Whitney Frost, these women drive the action. They are stronger and more ruthless than their male counterparts, and it’s glorious.
I’ve always been intrigued by the female villain. What
motivates them is at times so much more complex than with males. And it’s that difference that makes for an interesting story. Now, I’m not saying I wish for the women of the world to be inspired for evilness, but I do like how it shows how a woman can be more than the moll. You want to take over the world, girl? Have at it!
And that is why we need Agent Carter. We need a showcase of strong, competent, intelligent women who are the driving force of the story. Supergirl is making an honest go of it with Kara, her sister Alex, and Cat Grant. And although Agents of SHEILD focuses on Coulson and Ward, it’s May, Skye/Daisy, and Bobbi who come in to save the day. Also notice that in both of these series, more often than not, it is a woman leading the charge to world domination that they are fighting.
So I say to the powers that be at ABC, bring back Agent Carter! The world needs her!


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